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VIP Industry Training and Exposure (Session 1)

5 August 2022

Industry Training and Exposure

It’s our first Industry Training session with our VA students and they were sent into the different industries, which they chose during our Orientation. Our VIP Trainers brought the students through the basics, a spoonful of exposure, a hint of technical skills, added with a dash of tips and tricks as they were given an inside look at what happens on a day-to-day basis in their respective industries. The students were excited, ready to learn, and they ate all of it up with gusto and a heart full of curiosity.

Among the Industries that participated today were Flatfish Media (Video Production), Revo Store (Retail and Merchandising), Information Technology, NewSong Music (Music Production) and Revo⅃ution (Youth Movement). In the next 2 weeks, they will have a chance to participate in 2 different industries for a wider exposure and experience.

AYA VIP Values Apprenticeship Programme is currently running in partnership with Victory Academy.

For more information, kindly enquire at vip@aya.org.my

To apply to join our VIP programme, please visit: bit.ly/ayavipregistration